Tuohy Construction has built a reputation for speed, efficiency and reliability in completing construction projects within client's often tight timescales, within budget and with a great emphasis on quality and health and safety management.

The company's reputation is built on the quality of the service we offer to our clients. Thus we put a lot of resources into planning projects to ensure that the materials and sub-contractors used will enhance the overall quality of the job.

We are committed to providing construction services that are not only fit-for-purpose but which exceed expectation in terms of quality of service, delivery and functionality. This is achieved through regular quality checks.

Our quality system follows a few basic principles:

  • Nurtures and guides our quality through regular procedural checks.
  • Successfully meets the terms and controls of quality as defined by our clients.
  • Plan’s for quality - identifying measures of achieving the required quality, including; construction methods, equipments, materials and personnel.
  • Consistent Quality – Encouraging all parties to work together to deliver the best quality first time, every time.
  • Provides for long term quality control through established methods
  • Provides for a process of continuous improvement correcting any potential quality deficiencies that may arise quickly and efficiently

We trust that this gives you some insight into the importance we place on delivering a quality product, however please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information in this regard.